PBXCLOUD Zoho Integration

You can link your Zoho account to PBXCLOUD, which will log your calls inside Zoho and open up for multiple features inside Zoho.


1. Receive a PBX Auth Token from Comtalk.


2. Go to https://zoho.pbxcloud.eu and click on “Log in with Zoho”


3. Enter your Zoho account credentials


4. Click “Accept” to allow PBXCLOUD accessing your Zoho account.


5. Complete the Zoho integration: After you've been redirected to the dashboard click “Enable” in the Zoho Integration section


6. Complete the PBX Integration: Enter your PBX Auth Token and click on “Remember” in the PBX Integration section


7. After both the Zoho and PBX Integration has been completed successfully go to the "Users" menu. For every Zoho User add a unique PBXCLOUD extension and DID number. Click on “Enable”. Every user should have a unique extension assigned.


8.  After users are configured you can go to Zoho and test your PhoneBridge integration.